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Eurolab International Grup

EUROLAB INTERNATIONAL GRUP was founded in 1995, as one of the pioneer companies in the sector of sale, distribution and import of food and beverage products in Albania.

The eight Southeast European markets where we currently operate are: Albania (1995), Kosovo (2001), Montenegro (2005), North Macedonia (2005), Bosnia-Herzegovina (2017), Serbia (2019), Slovenia (2020), and Croatia (2020). We have vigorously and steadily increased our presence in the area over the past 27 years, making Eurolab one of the most dependable partners for high-end companies.

We are committed to grow most effectively our distribution network to the fullest, consequently, we made significant investments in developing Mapo Cash&Carry and Mapo City, two retail concepts.

Since 2022, private brand products including Craft Masters, Vinium Master, Bella Serata, and Welfbrau have also been added to our portfolio.

We carefully select the brands in our portfolio to provide our clients and consumers with the best of the international market in accordance with their local desires and tastes. Eurolab has over over 80 global partners from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, the Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and many other countries

The Eurolab International Grup brings the distinctive experiences and cultures of these countries along on this journey; driven and inspired by these nations and their international cultures continually striving to establish communication channels and open new doors

We are the most trusted partner in the country and region because of our workplace culture is characterized by enthusiasm, innovation, dedication, and long-term partnership.

Our growth and success strategy is guided by our values, which enable us to consistently expand our brand portfolio and services to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Today, the Eurolab International Grup is a consolidated group of businesses that operates across all of the countries in the region. The group's name derives from the natural union of the best European products and Labëria, a southern region of Albania.

Vision & Mission

Company Values

EIG values are set out in the Company Code of Conduct. Values are at the heart of company policy development. EIG works in different markets and countries. What keeps us together are our values. For more than 27 years, EIG has worked hard to become a company having at its core the respect for integrity, being proud for its continues and secure growth & development. The Code of Conduct defines how to live and work led by goodness, dedicated, honest, fair, loyal, punctual, and respectfulcreating the right environment for each of us. This is a mission that EIG owes to suppliers, customers and the general public, who are our direct consumers, but first of all to each other

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9 001:2015, 22 000:2018, 45 001:2018

The company's Top Management commitment to the workplace culture is reinforced, among other aspects, by the creation, adoption, and continuous improvement of our practices in accordance with international ISO standards. These standards define all of our service, which consists of:

Operations and transactions involving the import, export, transit, and trade of different industrial goods, as well as the sale, direct distribution, marketing, and supply to clients with processed foods, or raw materials, as well as alcoholic beverages.

The following goods and services are provided by Eurolab in order to fulfil out its mission, which are arranged and performed in compliance with the stated ISO standards:

• Distribution and sale of products in the Southwest Balkans’ markets

• The safety of our products

• MAPO's Cash & Carry services

• HoReCa services including technical assistance

• Marketing, merchandising & market research services

• Healthy & safe working environment

All company personnel strictly adhere to the regulatory frameworks of business development in the relevant markets, and we demand and work hard to ensure that all of our partners comply as well.